James Thomas

Freelance writer and journalist based in Pensacola, Florida, specializing in creative writing and comic-book writing

James Ellis Thomas

James Ellis Thomas is an Eagle Scout, freelance writer, guitarist, journalist and amateur artist currently living in Pensacola.  James enjoys combining his love for role-playing games and writing in order to create detailed, realistic stories for others to enjoy.  He discovered his love for writing as a young boy when he first began writing poetry and short stories as an outlet for his boundless creativity.

James graduated in 2004 from Pensacola High School's International Baccalaureate program. Currently he is enrolled at Pensacola State College and is majoring in journalism.  James is hoping to work as a writer for a major comic book publisher, or as a role-playing game designer for companies like Paizo or Wizards of the Coast.  Presently, James is currently writing his own on-going comic book series and hope to have the series published.    

As an Eagle Scout James is extremely goal oriented and has no problems staying focused on the task at hand.  He considers honesty and good work ethic to be among his best qualities, and holds truth, hard work, and commitment in the highest regards.  When James isn't working or attending school you can usually find him designing characters or story boarding for the many games he enjoys playing in or for his own comic book if he's not relaxing in the shade of a tree in his beloved South and picking away at his guitar.